Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Well, well, well :)
Happy times!
We've been working on a brand new cartoon show "George of The Jungle". So I'm posting these Christmas cards which based on some studio's characters (George of The Jungle crew).
Kevin of The Jungle -- he is the Producer of the show. WooooHooooo!

Lindsay Tree of The Jungle -- yes, she is tall and nice. So why don't we let her wear on this Christmass Tree outfit? Welcome Lindsay :)

Dana of The Jungle -- he is one of supervisers. Look brutal, but.. really cool guy.

There you go :)


patrick mate said...

It was great visiting your blog.Of course it's to late to wish you a happy christmas,but I hope you are having a "super" new year.Thankyou Boris for dropping your comment by my blog.

lautrette said...

great illustrations...and blog!

thank you for your nice comments.

Boris Andreev said...

Thanks Christophe (right?)
Have fun and keep it up posting!