Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Another design development leftovers...

Well, you know, I won a character design contest 9 months ago here at the studio I'm working for. And only now, I can show you a few sketches I've done in the process of that development.
See, these guys have a bunch of ideas how to make your life kinda full of fun. Here - fooling around with a big balloon, hydrogen and fire :)

This one below is what I started with.

Another one, it's the same main character also, a different look. And that was too goaty though...
It's somewhere in the middle of the development.


Vladimir Bursać said...

Hello Boris,
Great illustrations on your blog!
Congrats for wining a contest, glad to hear that.
Keep on :o)

Dave said...

Boris, your stuff is beautiful. You have a lot of great drawings on your blog. I really like the rough sketch that you think is "too goaty". You're a brilliant artist and I'm not surprised that you won a contest. I'd like to add you to my link list if that's okay. My dad's name was Borys as well. All the best,


Boris Andreev said...

To Vladimir:
Thanks buddy, I will :)
Did I mentioned, I love your water colors!
To Dave:
Thanks for your nice comment! Sure, you can add me to your link list, that's Ok, np.
Take care, see you.
P.S. That was a surprise about the rubbits...

Marcos Mateu said...

Cool line work. And cool atmosphere too, I look at these images and wander what are these characters up to.

Boris Andreev said...

Thanks Marcos!
Well, you know, all these characters were developed for an idea (which came from L.A. originally) our studio was involved in pitching to the TV-network. I know that the creators liked my designs very much, but for some reasons this project is dead now. I don't really know exactly why.

The "Jerk" guy is kinda "VS everything". He's a very creative and energetic one, but he's a jerk. He's always on a mission against something or somebody (his inner child, for example), screws up everything and fails as usual. He's got a friend who is very supportive, optimistic and stupid a little. The friend's sexy and smart wife sticks around, helps them, but just b.c. she wants to see how these two fail again.
Here at the picture the guys are trying to screw up a balloon show changing propane with hydrogen, so the balloons will blow up...
Anyways, thanks for coming,
All the best :)

Marcos Mateu said...

Thanks Boris, and sorry the show got cancelled! Still, great artwork.