Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some calligraphy practicing...

Black gouache on paper, the actual size is 12'x12'.
It means something like Brotherhood... or?.. Someone help me :)


Mauricio said...

Hello friend,

All illustrations are great!

hugs from Brazil

Lubomir said...

Hi Boris, fantastic work, glad I discovered your blog!

Sin said...

In Chinese it means younger brother, but then it should come in pairs, like "DaDa" "MaMa". No offence I 'd suggest to write words like "Tiger", "Dragon", good job though. :)

Boris Andreev said...

Thanks everyone :)

Thanks for your comment!
I believe this piece came from one of postulates of K'ung-tzu, that famous Chinese thinker and social philosopher.


Gulzar said...

Nice! I like your work here...pretty tight stuffs in here!

Keep em rollin man!

Chubasco said...

Hola hermano como estás???
sólo dejando un saludo por acá !!! tank´s for visit´s !!!

smile said...

It means 'little brother' in Japanese.

Love your work by the way :)

grool said...

Men, I really love Japanese and Chinese characters. Simple symbols mean a lot and deep meanings.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.