Thursday, March 31, 2011



jesse winchester s. said...

The top one is my favorite! I am so fascinated with your handling of form. The way your are able to push and pull the dimension of her structure, in, around, and behind, is soo cool. The overall structure is awesome but the eyes keep me smiling.
way to go Boris!

Boris Andreev said...


Well, thanks man! It's very kind of you and... you're quite a writer :o)
I appreciate your feedback my friend.

Snowball said...

Hi Boris,

You do beautiful work.

I have a modest little blog that gets 5 or 6 hits a day, and was wondering if I could post one of your drawings with your name and a link back to your blog.

If you would like to check my blog out first, here's the link:

Boris Andreev said...

To Snowball:

It's OK, agreed... :)
Your blog is nice, btw!


Luuk juissstt said...

jajajajajaja Jaja

Natalie said...

Cool! check out my blog and follow PLEASE!

Fanny R. said...

Nice, I like it !