Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Legend Of Tembo – visual development

I spent 11 months in Port St. Lucie, FL working as a Visual Development Artist on this full feature animation -- The Legend Of Tembo -- a great project that should have made a beautiful epic movie. Unfortunately, Digital Domain's Tradition Studios in Florida went bankrupt and this production was closed.

What's left is one year of a priceless experience of working in a super talented, professional and family like team. Much love, Tembo Family!..

I know that everybody in the team misses Tembo a lot. This adorable kid elephant who got lost everything in his life and ended up being far-far away from home, dealing with a new and strange world; he grew up in a huge war-elephant, despite all circumstances stayed true to himself and his own roots, figured his life-path out and also found his way back home.


Taymor said...

WOW! Those pictures are gorgeous! So sorry it got cancelled :(

Jeff said...

Miss everyone. So sad. Still can't believe it's all gone. The cities so called "deal" to sell the facility fell through and in yesterday's paper more negative publicity for our Mayor and councilman.... Just lovely people!!! Keep up the good work!! I'd like to recommend 11 year old daughter to run the city. Trust me, she can do better!!!

Jeff said...

Awesome work Boris. You and your art work are missed dearly. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday! !

Boris Andreev said...

Thanks Jeff!

Hope you guys are doing well down there.