Monday, March 30, 2009

ICE RAGE: we're looking for collaboration!

Hey, Super Guys out there!
Here is the deal. We'd pitched this "Ice Rage" concept (click it) into the network about 10 months ago... And we've got lots of very cool and supportive feedbacks from different guys, including credited animation professionals, hockey journalists/TV-hosts, NHL media-executives and players, artists, designers etc. We (my partner Andrey Brotzky and myself) wanna get a CGI animation test done (45-60-90 sec?), and are going to find a few Cool-Talents-Crazy-About-Hockey volunteers to set a Team up. So if there're some of you interested in participating, who are preferably live in/around Vancouver, BC and very good at:
– rigging, modeling
– texturing, lighting, comping
– sound, music
– editing
send us your e-mails to boris[at]andreev[dot]ca,
with your CVs, portfolios attached . We can't wait to discuss the matter with you now.

As soon as the test animation's done, we're gonna use it as a second step in pitching the project. All committed collaborators are to be credited in the final pitch. You could use the pitch as a promo of yourself (as a part of the team). What ever happens afterwards, any serious deal appears... we'd like to negotiate it with you later.

Well, feel free to contact me what ever you feel you wanna say. Just let's make a very cool Canadian hockey-animation happen! Finally...